1. The Board of Directors of Marix Line Pte Ltd (‘Marix”) is pleased to announce that on 10 November 2016, the Company completed its acquisition of a 90.0% share interest in Genshipping Pacific Line Pte Ltd (“GPL”) from Genshipping Corporation Monrovia, which is ultimately owned by Splosna Plovba The remainder 10.0% share interest in GPL will continue to be held by Depe Shipping & Trading Pte Ltd, a company which is engaged in shipping agency business.
  2. GPL was incorporated in Singapore in 1992 and has been a major player in the ship operating industry since its establishment. One aspect of its substantial operations includes the provision of regular liner services between India / South Korea. GPL also operates liner services between major ports in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Mr Gabrijel Kobal will continue to hold office as Managing Director of GPL after the acquisition.
  3. The acquisition complements Marix’s existing portfolio and will enable Marix to solidify its expertise in the ship operating business by leveraging on the substantial experience and reputation of GPL. Considerable synergy between both entities is expected.
  4. The acquisition will provide Marix with significant growth opportunities in the industry, which is expected to lead to greater efficiency and profitability for both Marix and GPL moving forward.
  5. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.